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Zenobia Art Production 2010

Mastura is the Arabic word
often used by poor people
to express, that they do not
have much, but God gives
them enough and do not
need help.
During the 30-minute the
film  tells the story of three
girls. For the first impression,
nothing reconnects them with
each other
Three girls from the
countryside, who came to
the city to complete their
university education.
What do these girls face during
their transition to the big  city? How can
they secure the life needs?
"Mastura" is the first part of the film about the
problems of female workers and their dreams about
the future, which will be the subject of the second
part of this film after several years.

Trees die standing
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Zenobia Art Production 2011

What remains of the man
when he loses
 his face?
Heroes of this film are the
victims of the bad traditions.
They are also  offenders
Wisdom Court to solve the
comun problems outside
the framework of  the law
and go as seeme to them
"the right way".
 "After the blood stained my
hands I lost my face. We all  became
without Faces".
Humanitarian tale about the victims, the killers and
the biggest criminals, which are the community and
the traditions
Tale about.the revenge, honor and remorse.
Directed by: Mohammad Sahli
2nd Director: Hala Al-Haj Ali
Cameraman: Hossam Badr
Editing: Imad Khoury
music: Ahmed S. Pasha

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Trees die standing

Zenobia Art Production 2008

Every occurrence has two

official and the
virbal ones.

This film is an
attempt to read the history
of the Palestinian

“Nakba” from a private

point of view
of a number of the

activists who took a part  in the
political circumstances in

The story began since 1935.
We try to provide a picture
of what happened, through monitoring
the history of the Palestinian community and

its social, political and technical

progress. Ask tough questions and
check the answers from several sources.
A hero of the film says:

"we are like the Palestine trees
live and die standing....".

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